Home Automation

  • Home automation is a seamless network that connects your devices to one convenient application that you can access online, or with your smart phone.  In everyday life, home automation can save you both time and money.

    With Rules, your alarm will do almost anything! If you don’t want to disarm and unlock your house separately every time, set Rules to automatically disarm your system when you unlock your front door. You will never accidentally set off your own alarm!

    Choose between delayed arming and arming with no delay. Arming without a delay would be impossible without your alarm.com app because the moment your front door is opened, the system is activated. This gives intruders zero time to realize they have tripped the system before the authorities are notified.

    Already in bed for the night when you realize your security system hasn’t been set? Choose “silent arming” with your phone and don’t get out of bed. You wont be kept awake with all of the system arming, and it won’t set off a noisy pet!

    Home automation is about problem solving and peace of mind. We offer five home automation solutions: door locks, indoor & outdoor cameras, garage door opening & closing, indoor & outdoor light control, and thermostats. Each piece reports its status to you, and can be controlled by a computer or smartphone. You’ll never have to wonder again if the alarm is armed or the garage door is closed. You will be able to simply pull out your phone.


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Lost your keys? Leaving for vacation and can’t remember if someone locked the door? Need to let the dog walker in? No Problem!  With the automated door lock, enjoy the ease of a key-less entry and remote locking.


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Want to save money on your utility bill? Forget to turn off your air conditioner?  We can help! From your smartphone you can adjust the temperature on your automated thermostat as needed. It will even turn itself on and off based on how far away from your house you are.  


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Worried about being targeted while you’re on vacation? Don’t want to get out of bed to turn out the lights? We understand! With your automated light modules, you can turn your lights on and off whenever you please or set them on a randomly changing scheduled , so it appears as though someone is home.



Want to see what your kids or pets are up to while you’re at work? Just watch the live feed from your indoor or outdoor camera on your smartphone, and peek in on them at any time.


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This is only the start of what home automation can do for you.