Home Security

  • Your security is our biggest concern. That is why our home security systems come with enough equipment to cover your whole house.
    System Includes
    • 1 Wireless alarm panel
    • 1 Cellular communicator
    • 2 Motion detectors
    • 1 Picture Motion
    • 2 Glass break sensors
    • 10 Door/window sensors
    • 1 Smoke/Heat detector
    • 4 Key fobs
    • Installation
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  • Burglary Protection

    No matter the tactics a burglar might try, Royal Security is ready. Our home security systems have four layers of protection:

    • Door & Window Sensors
    • Glass-break Detector
    • Motion Detectors
    • Wireless Control Panel
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Layer one of our home security system is the door & window sensors. These trigger the alarm if the door or window is opened. Layer two is the glass-break detector that responds to the frequency of breaking glass.  A burglar who breaks out a sliding glass door to enter your home will immediately be detected by your glass-break sensor and trigger the alarm. The third layer encompasses the motion detectors, which can detect the heat of a person from over 30 feet away. A motion detector that is centrally located will catch anyone who has managed to bypass the first two layers of protection, and enter the house. Layer four  of our home security system is the control panel, with a backup battery and cellular communication. The panel is designed to send an alert at the first sign of trouble, before an intruder has time to tamper with, or destroy the panel, making it immune to a “crash-and-smash” entry.

Our home security system is built to function if your phone lines are cut, power is out, and your internet is down.


  • Cellular

    Stay protected and connected even if: the power goes out, your phone lines are cut, and your internet is disconnected. Cellular is the safest and easiest way to protect your home.

  • Two-way Voice

    This feature allows a monitoring station operator to communicate using a speaker and microphone built directly into the alarm panel. Making for faster response times and less false alarms.

  • Crash & Smash

    Our system sends an alert at the first sign of entry. Even if a burglar damages the panel, all they have done is notify the monitoring company that someone has attempted to tamper with the system.

  • Mobile Control

    Mobile control enables you to arm and disarm your system with your smart phone from wherever you are. Mobile control can also be connected to a home automation system for total control.

  • Medical Alert

    Worried about a medical emergency taking place in the home? If an elderly family member were unfortunate enough to fall, or your child were to be in need of medical assistance, with one click of a button help is on the way. Through the unique and comfortable design of our waterproof medical pendent, one click activates your alarm and the built in two-way speaker to receive immediate assistance from our 24/7 monitoring team.

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  • Environmental Protection

    Here at Royal Security, we understand that, in your home, anything less than continuous carbon monoxide and fire monitoring is unacceptable. Even though detection systems are available, fire and carbon monoxide kill thousands of people every year in the United States, alone. Royal Security’s advanced fire and carbon monoxide detection systems will ensure the safety of your family, pets, and home.

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