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Royal security sales person Troy was very knowledgeable of product... installation tech was very nice did a great install and explained my alarm system and functions very clearly to me...My new alarm works great, my family is safe, our home is safe...Royal security and the whole team is great. Thank you for a great security system...Thanks, Ben.

Ben MooreFresno, CA

Royal Security has been amazing. When we first purchased our house they came out and did an evaluation of the existing (ancient) system and provided options that met our needs. We were even able to setup automatic payments!

Everyone has been super friendly and knowledgeable. Our installation technician arrived on time and completed the job timely, walking us through the use of the system and helping us setup our online profile so we can monitor the house when we're away.

Donovan ByrnFresno, CA

I am so glad that I decided to go with Royal Security. The Representative was very informative about what would be involved in a great home security system and he explained it all in a way that I, as well as my elderly parents, could easily understand. I decided, right away, to go with Royal Security and an install date was set at that time. The install Tech was very friendly and also comfortable to have in my home. He set the up the system and went over it, step by step, with us. He did not leave until all of our questions were answered and we had full knowledge of how it worked. All contact numbers were left with us with the assurance that we would be well taken care of. This company went above and beyond to make us feel safe in our home. Thanks so much to Royal Security Company.

Cynthia W.Fresno, CA

Hello... I just wanted to tell everyone about my experience with Royal Security. I don't normally write reviews but because they installed this system, including cameras, I was able to put two criminals in jail.

I first heard about Royal Security from a coworker who had recently installed a system from them. He told me what had been installed including a camera and everything seemed very affordable. I was impressed with the quality of the cameras and found out Royal Security installed them and also maintained them. So I called and set up a consultation with a sales rep. A few days later I signed with Royal Security and within three days a service tech was at my house installing all the equipment. Their staff were very professional, friendly and patient. The tech didn't leave until I understood how the alarm system and cameras worked (I purchased an extra camera). Did i mention the cameras can be accessed from your smart phone? Even if you are away from home?? You CAN!

A few days later my vehicle parked in front of the residence was broken into. I was able to quickly review the footage and give it to the police. Within a few hours both suspects were in custody and my missing property was recovered. The theft occurred at 3am but because the cameras have such good night vision the suspects were identifiable.

I have since convinced one of my other neighbors to also get a system from Royal Security. I would DEFINITELY recommend Royal Security to anyone who wants a quality security system for a very REASONABLE price.

Jeff D.Visalia, CA

Royal security is the best security systems I've had they are so helpful the customer service is 100% they really go out of the way for you. I strongly recommend anyone who doesn't have a security system they should get Royal security. They set me up with a awesome security system for my barbershop. There always on top of things I love the app also I could literally set my alarm from my phone at anytime or place and it amazing. Fawaz Ali from the cutting edge

Fawaz A.Dinuba, ca

I just had my security system installed this past weekend and it is great. The customer service provided was up to standards and the install went well aside from technical issue from my internet provider which had to be resolved through them. The pricing compared to other security companies was unmatchable and especially involving a $0 install fee with all the equipment included. So far the system has been easy to use and the security cameras were a plus. I look forward to dealing with Royal in the near future.

Joseph C.Tulare, CA

I had a break-in when I lived in Stockton so when I moved from that location to Fresno I was adamant about getting a security system. I am weary of letting people into my home, but the technician Alfredo was professional and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and showed me how to use the application on my phone. I have 2 dogs, but I feel better knowing when I'm asleep the system is working to keep us safe and in the event someone did try to break in, my system would call the police and also notify me where in the house they are trying to enter.

Jamie S.Clovis, CA

I love the security system I received from Zak at Royaly Security. I have 8 cameras and countless door locks and window sensors protecting my business. The best part is that I can control everything with my phone. I am very happy with the service staff and office girls I deal with. I can't think of a better way to keep an eye on my business when I'm at business meetings on the golf course. I really love the fact Royalty Security's owner Zak is so passionate about security and the quality of his services.
I did have a break in last year, but we caught everything on camera and the alarm scared off the scumbags before they grabbed anything of value. I would absolutely recommend Royalty Security to anybody looking to protect what they love.

John T.Sanger, CA